Calling all Ito backers, an unmissable offer...

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That's right, this is your chance to whack on anything you missed out on in the campaign. It is also a great opportunity to get a hold of the model unavailable during the campaign; Ito Ayako.

Also those with keen eyes will have noticed we are offering 10 dice, we are happy to announce that anyone who backed the dice during the campaign will now get 10 (5 attack, 5 defence)... Happy Xmas.

Please note, read the offers as they are written, this is seperate to any offers during the Indiegogo campaign;

Example - Itsunagi for instance will not come free with any extra Ito starter sets ordered.

Conversions for our U.S dollar paying friends (courtesy of -

Ito Ayako - $15.65

Satoshi - $11.35

Akimoto - $11.35

10 Ito Faction Dice - $11.35

Any starter set - $39.95