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Hisao - Temple of Ro-Kan

For centuries the Temple and the people of the Ro-Kan have lived in symbiotic harmony and for centuries the secrets of the Kami and the mountain have passed between these two allies. Misao, like all village elders has for decades made the decisions for his village and acted as apothecary using the secrets passed down from elder to elder. When his special mix of herbs, found on the mountain, are burned in his censers it clears those of aliments, clears the mind or soul. The peasants in his village follow his every word without question and although physically weak his strength lies in the wise words he draws upon to inspire those around him to great feats of combat prowess in the defence of their lands and peers.

Bushido Wallpaper 

By popular demand at SmogCon our show backdrop is now available as a free download for your desktop.

Click on the image above or to take a look at all the wallpaper we have on offer hover over the Bushido tab at the top of the page, then Downloads on the far right followed by Desktop wallpapers

Painting Competition

Thanks for all your entries was great to see such quality.

With such fantastic entries again we have ummed and ahhed long enough, the pondering is over and we have narrowed the field down to the final five and now it is over to you. Vote for your winner on Facebook... these will all be going into a folder on Facebook, the image with the most likes next Saturday will win.