Competiton Time

Ito Painting Competition

(Winners' prizes will be emailed to the address you submitted your pictures with)

Congratulations to everyone that entered, some great painting on display, but we could only pick so many. Well over on Facebook you have helped us decide on the final placings and here goes...

1st Place - Andrey, Duck 21

2nd Place - Chris Baginsky

3rd Place - Kara Nash

4th Place - Greeny

5th Place - Chris

Facebook Competitions

Over on Facebook we have been throwing loads of minis around as prizes merely for liking, sharing or commenting on certain posts, don't miss out on these easy to enter competitions like our Facebook page to keep up to date - FACEBOOK

Well here are the winners, post your forum usernames on Facebook to claim your prize -

Kazuhiko - Ben Davy

Choice of Ito model - Tomaz Petlozki

Kawa no Rojin - Duane Van Norden

Ryoko-Sha - Jan Ganske

Kazuhiko - Francesc Sarerols Gimenez

Uk-Kang - Rolf Pihl

Mo Ises - Darren Barber

There we have it, a whole host of winners at the click of a button. Winners - be sure to post your forum usernames on Facebook so we can get your prize to you.