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Tengu Descension

We told you yesterday to stay tuned and with good reason, we here at GCT Studios are more than happy to get Wave 24 underway which will be devoted exclusively to our next faction the Tengu Descension. Bushido game designer Toby Nathan has been working incredibly hard to make sure they enter the fray ready to fight and he went rogue on his twitter account sharing a sneak peak at two of the wonderful models there. Take a look at what he revealed in all their winged glory:

There's a whole lot more of this to come in the next few weeks all building towards their release in August. These are exciting times for Bushido as the game continues to grow and grow to heights we didn't dream of when we started out all them moons ago. The Tengu Descension will be our seventh faction and the Shadow Wind clan the Kage Kaze Zoku will be number eight, the Rise of the Kage boardgame campaign will also bring a whole host of new players to Bushido with loads of backers taking up the Bushido profiles option. As we look forward for Bushido we hope to continue to grow its playerbase and maintain the high standards we have set.

Rise of the Kage

It is the final day to back Rise of the Kage on Backerkit as it will be closed for Pre-orders tonight (Sunday 21st June). Production is underway and we are as excited as you about them being delivered! Thank you for all of your support, and thanks for making this game happen, you guys are the best.

Special Card Packs

The Special Card Packs, like a ninja, found their way into Wave 23 and so are available to Pre-Order now along with the rest of the Wave. They are a really good way to create an individualised Warband and also provide great flexibility and variety to your list building. Here are a couple of previews of the kind of things you can expect: