Double Trouble

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Sukoshi Kani and Nomi - Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

The oyabun of the Silvermoon do not consider age a restriction to the entrance to their service. Many fill their numbers with youngsters eager to establish themselves within the Shatei ranks and prove themselves worthy of their oyabun’s favour. All within the Silvermoon play to their own strengths, and in doing so strengthen their gumi. Sukoshi Kani and Nomi are no different in this respect. Sukoshi, armed with her bag of makibishi, ready to scatter them wide at a moment’s notice to cover a retreat or block a path. Nomi serves as the keen eyes and ears, ready to alert his brethren to approaching or unseen dangers. Their small statures another hindrance turned help, enabling them to sneak into an enemy’s flanks and wreak havoc.   


Stealth Ninja Miniatures Board Game


The Kickstarter campaign is well underway and we wanted to draw your attention to the Bushido cross-over that exists. The models for the game will be useable in Bushido and their is an add on for a Bushido Profile pack. Here is Bushido game deisgner Toby Nathan's take on the brand new faction to be entering the world of the Jwar Isles...

Well, when I was told that we would be profiling the Ninja of the Shadow Wind Clan as profiles for Bushido the game I was really excited. My mind started coming up with countless approaches I could take and design ideas I could utilise. Some, needless to say were better than others but a few really stood out to me as being a great way to bring the Kage Kaze Zoku to life. I wanted to retain the feel of Kage Kaze Zoku from Rise of the Kage, keeping the model count for the faction low but not restricting the variance in list creation. For this I felt that the best way to approach the challenge and keep them thematic was to utilise the huge variety that the Special cards have enabled players in Bushido to do since their release in February. I could create opportunities for players to create the Warbands that would be tailor made to their play style. Players will have a slew of Enhancements & Events available to the Ninja they choose to make up their Warband. Some of these will be available to any ninja and some will be restricted to ninja of a specific house. Players will be able to choose from the standard ninja equipment in order to beef up their squads. The specialities of the three different houses will dictate the additional Enhancements or Event cards available to the player or ninja. The House of the Bleeding Moon for example has a strong bias to combat and melee orientated Ki Feats and effects that players can purchase as Enhancement cards. So once I had this in mind it was easier to then approach the design of the specific ninja. Obviously there are some things that were pretty clear that the ninja should have, so all the ninja have Camouflage for example and Elusive. They are all very competent Melee combatants, have good Ki Stats and a couple of Ki Feats. There are no restrictions to how players can make up their Warbands for the Kage Kaze Zoku they can focus on the ninja of the houses that they feel suits their play style and specialise or diversify by recruiting from each house. Needless to say the process is lots of fun. I’ll be back in a few days with a preview of Katsumi’s Bushido profile to whet your appetites, and tell you a bit more about the latest faction to shake up Bushido!

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