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Errata 2018

Bushido gets one errata every year, we try not to make too many changes, and just make sure problems that have arisen are dealt with. This year we have a theme changed due to new options, tightening up the melee sequence and making way for a new faction!  Yay!

I may not mention everything here but I will try to make at least some explanation for most of the changes. Rules for replace. Replacement effects are becoming more common with more bodyguard models and the new Death and Decay theme.  These rules were on the forums but I felt they should be in the errata. Its mostly common sense but the rule requiring BtB for models that were in BtB before being replaced is important. The ending of effects is also on the forums and helps with those abilities that don’t specify and end timing. Disengage was changed to resolve an odd situation where you could prevent a model from disengaging by… leaving BtB before they can! That’s almost an oxymoron so any use of Side Step Defence or Push etc. will also result in a disengage.

A lot of timing cleaning to make sure feats are used at the correct time. These were in response to a series of specific instances that became a general problem so the rules for when you can play instant and active feats has been re written. In 90% of games this won’t come up but it resolves those problems when they do.

The change to Initiative is borrowed from the new edition work. No more initiative bouncing back and forth or sneak-swapping the model with initiative after dice have been chosen!
Also in the melee rules, a change to allow models to get into melee, use instant feats to get out but if they do this, they don’t worsen the defender’s condition. The basic rule here is if you don’t roll the dice, you haven’t had a full melee exchange.

Rise has been something we’ve been looking at for a while.  The main issue isn’t that Rise is too good but that there are no ways to play around it other than Critical Strike Attack (Which is a bit random and almost entirely on one faction). Rise is as good as it ever was but now there are some ways that can counter it, a soft counter in Combo, which simply gets to make its remaining attacks and a harder counter in Fire which denies a rise roll if the target dies to fire in the end phase. Most factions can get enough models to counter Rise in some way and we’ll look to add others later to those factions with few answers (Jung having no fire yet and few Combo models).

Another rule from the new edition brought in is the Control Markers change. The stack system is just too hard to explain easily so the new system is just simpler to play. It also comes at the same time as Kokoro the Harvester which may be helpful!

We came across some instances where, due to multiple states, effects and other restrictions a model cannot declare any actions. After thinking through the consequences the only good option is to make a model that can’t take any action become immediately exhausted. We then realised one combo that causes this: Immobilized on an aggressive model, is far too easy to set up to give such a harsh penalty.  Adding defensive to Immobilize allows an aggressive model to lose both traits and attempt to disengage.

Soulless and Disguise has been a common staple of KKz for a while but it always throws up rules questions. Eventually, even our retainers weren’t sure how this interaction worked and when it was explained  many players remain incredulous. For rules reasons it was removed as an option.

Death and Decay. This is how it should have always been! A real Zombie horde with endless walking undead slowly swarming the whole battlefield. The free kairai had to go as it was skewing the theme heavily in lower Rice games. Some tweaks to how the new risen come into play also should have always been there. Overall this has proven a powerful theme but it should now be balanced at all Rice Levels.

Desecrated Grave was causing issues allowing Kairai to be placed in contact with objectives and in zones before the opponent even has a turn! With this change it is more restricted on its placement and so should be much fairer.

Ninjas lost the silly-effective shuriken and then their disguise & soulless combo.  This was not a faction that needed a nerf this time so to balance out the loss I have upgraded one of the themes and allowed a second Smoke Bomb (You can use both of them twice which should cover the whole game). This should see KKZ still being a threat.

The final question in the FAQ is a clarification of the rules as written. I know many people don’t like it and we looked at re-writing the rules to make it work how people think it should.  
Sadly that quickly became too big a change for an errata as it impacted on various traits, rules and states; look to the new edition to leave a ZoC with Side Step Defence!

We know this document is huge and much thanks go to Retainer Ben Calvert-Lee for his consolidated Rulebook and thanks to all the retainers and players on the Facebook group for helping put this together. I hope this gets you through to the new edition which will get rid of this document, my aim will be to never let it get so large again!

Download the errata here.

Until next time,

Master Enos

Rules with the Errata incorporated

Another big thanks to Ret-Fleafa who has very kindly taken the time to incorporate this year's Errata into the rules document giving players one port of call for the upto date rules for Bushido:

Download it here.

Webshop Restock

Our Webshop has been restocked including the Scenario terrain elements, however please note the terrain is only available in limited quantities. 

All items should now be available again.