Festive Greetings

All the staff here at GCT Studios would like to wish you a very merry xmas and a happy new year. We hope you get all the Bushido models you hope for this Xmas.


As you can see the Cult of Yurei will be gaining a Burakumin in the new year. The big guy is going to bring an interesting element to the Cult.

It's almost Xmas so we decided to bring you not one but two pieces of concept art in this update. See below for the Savage Wave's next release.


This mischievous pair are ready to drive the Wave on.

Painting Tutorial

Thanks to Alberto Gil we bring you another painting tutorial, this time it deals with painting Light sourcing on model's such as Matsu Takashi.

Click here to read the tutorial.

See you in the new year

Thanks for looking, we hope you agree that there are some great models already previewed for 2012 and we are very excited about everything else in the pipeline. We predict a strong year ahead for Bushido and we look forward to Tournament play between our ever increasing player base. To this end help us spread the word, your support can only help us to ensure that we can get our game to as many people as possible... Tell your friends, show them your lovely Bushido models. Blog, post online, share our facebook posts, pester your FLGS to stock it.

We would also like to take the time to thank you all for the support you have already shown us. It's pretty amazing to think that we launched this year at the Birmingham Games Expo. Since then we have gone from strength to strength, signing up with Distributors in the UK (Wayland Games), USA (Warpath), Spain (Planeta friki) and Australia (Twin-Axe Wargaming and Little Soldiers). We also have our game in retail outlets in Germany, France and even Thailand! As well as this we have been seeing sales in our own web store that have exceeded all our expectations.

Thanks again, here's to a good Xmas, New year and 2012 for all.