Final Pass at Risen Sun

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Final Pass will run until 24th of March

We thank everyone for the playtesting feedback, this is the final pass at the rules and then we'll be good to go. If you have previously made comments that haven't been incorporated feel free to share them again as we have been inundated with information and whilst not every idea will make it into the rules some may have slipped through the net. We look forward to hearing from you.

Spelling mistakes, typos and everything else you can spot will be appreciated.

To download the rules click HERE or on the picture above.


Prefecture of Ryu   Temple of Ro-Kan   Cult of Yurei   Savage Wave   Ito Clan   Silvermoon Trade Syndicate   Descension   Jung Pirates   Shadow Wind Clan   Ronin   Minimoto Clan


Saturday 31/03/19

If you want some fun and competitive tournament action in the South of England then Solent Wargames Club have just what you need at the end of March. For more information check out the facebook page for the event HERE or our forum HERE.