First Draft of Bushido: Risen Sun

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We are really excited to bring you the first look at Bushido:Risen Sun. We have worked with the Retainers to make the tweak the rules and make improvements where we all agreed they were needed. Now it is over to you, we want to know what you think and all ideas are welcome, now is definitely the time! All playtest experience will be invaluable so if you can get it to the table with the new rules, please let us know how you get on.

We would love you to join the discussion HERE and if you have any questions Jason will also be on hand over in the Fan's Bushido Facebook page to discuss further.


Prefecture of Ryu

Temple of Ro-Kan

Cult of Yurei

Savage Wave

Ito Clan

Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

Tengu Descension

Jung Pirates

Kage Kaze Zoku


Minimoto Clan