A flurry of Wave 21 action


Shimogama Viper - Ito Clan

The island of Izu is one of the less habitable places in the whole of the Jwar Isles, bestowed upon the Ito as a slight by the Eagle clan to make it clear to all, including their subordinate clan, who rules. A broken landscape with little arable land for farming, brimming with danger and hazard from the hostile terrain or its inhabitants, beasts unique to the island fill its dense jungles. Beautiful as they are exotic, with colourings to make the royal gardens seem dull in comparison. Amongst the many reptiles lurking in the shadows of the canopy the Shimogama vipers are some of the largest and deadliest. Five foot of muscle, harnessed by great feathery wings enables the snake’s great power and movement, striking without warning and disappearing just as fast. These ancient predators of the jungle are drawn to the service of their mother in times of war. 


Kioshi Makoto - Prefecture of Ryu

“Like all the cycles of the world, those within the Golden Empire are no different. From the changing of the cycles to the rise and fall of the great clans that rule, so is the way things are, and so is the way they will remain for they are as constant as rock and as inevitable as the stream that finds the ocean.”  - Common Subarashi Baransu saying.

All the great clans draw on the lesser clans for support, either on the battlefield, in court or commercially, the Takashi are no different and for many generations the Makoto have enjoyed the protection of the Takashi in exchange for their wisdom and consort. The Makoto family are renowned for their wealth of knowledge and love of the sciences. Kioshi has long been the voice of reason in the court of Ryu, his quiet words hold more weight than Minimoto steel to the heads of the Takashi.  


Special Card Competition

It's been a really great experience getting all your ideas and input on the special cards, the debates in the forum have been interesting to read and we know it will be amazing for the winners to get their hands on a card pack that includes their design!

The winners of the last three factions are:

Prefecture of Ryu - C

Temple of Ro-Kan - B

Silvermoon Trade Syndicate - A

Thanks for voting and taking part, we'll have a new competition for all starting in the coming weeks, as always there will be moons aplenty.