Fun times and sneak peeks at SmogCon

The fun is already underway at SmogCon, let us know how you are getting on, from the valorous victories to the crushing defeats let us all know about it HERE

and those that are lucky enough to be attending got the first look at this monster for the Ito...

Looking quite stunning, we hope you agree. If you want to keep up to date with all the Bushido goodness going on at SmogCon be sure to follow us on twitter @bushidogct.

Wave 17 - Beauty and the Beast

First up is Yatsumata, this is the concept art the above model was based on, a great piece of art that has translated really well into the sculpt and the paint job really brings it to life.

Yatsumata - Ito Clan

It’s unclear if this huge snake is a priestess of Orochi warped by the kami into its image or simply a monster from the jungles of Shimagamo. In battle Yatsumata moves with frightening speed and direction as if guided by an unseen hand. In combat each head can deliver a muscle wasting venom through foot long fangs as hard as iron, downing even the toughness warriors as they are reduced to a whimpering mess. Two heads leave the unholy beast with few natural blind spots, adding to its already strong survivability and resilience gifted by its speed and thick scales.  

Saki, Rose of Jima - Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

The Jade Rose’s reach stretches far beyond the city of Jima. It is difficult to find an individual in a position of power, man or women who hasn’t tasted or been tempted by the sweet smell and charms of a beautiful rose. No one knows exactly the training techniques that the Jade Rose implements and many suggest that there charisma and manipulative powers are supernatural and the result of some powerful enchantment. Of course no Rose would ever disclose this information such is their devotion to the Gumi. Saki is as master at the art of suggestion, without uttering a word she can draw the attention of any unlucky enough to be selected for her wiles, stumbling blindly after her in the heat of battle. 

Painting Competition

The entries are starting to roll in now as we are on the final approach, get your entries in by the 1st of March.

More info HERE