Games Expo was awesome

Takeji - The Ito Clan

Takeji is renowned for his bravery and steadfastness; born to a higher status he could have achieved great heights as a samurai. As it is he is an important member of the Ito’s small force of ashigaru, his qualities have however been noted by his superiors.

Takeji has come out rather well and we are delighted with how Lia's impressive concept art has been superbly recreated in the sculpt and then enhanced even further by Alberto's paint job. I can see this fellow becoming a firm favourite of Ito players.

Birmingham Games Expo

It was a great show, brilliant new venue, fantastic atmosphere and we met some truly nice and interesting people. We had some great chats and signed up more than a few stores that will be stocking Bushido in the coming weeks, this is really going to see Bushido spread across the UK.

Marco Arnaudo

Some of you may have seen our video review that we received from Marco, he creates some great; in-depth and well thought out reviews and we are supporting him in his kickstarter. This will enable him to keep up his great work and get even better, what's more he has loads of cool perks to help you help him. Check it out HERE

Facebook Questions

We have decided to answer these questions over the next couple of updates, so lets answer the first question selected;

What factions are coming out next (after the yakuza), and when?
As many will know the Silvermoon Trade Syndicte will be the next faction to enter the fray. And those that will soon be receiving the Bushido Rulebook will be able to have a look at a good chunk of the upcoming antagonists that will be vying for control of the Jwar Isles. It's hard to be pinned down on the next faction, many are in development, but that said the Tengu are a popular choice and most likely to follow the STS to the battlefields of Jwar.