GCT Studios will be betting big in Reno on Bushido

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We are excited to announce our first ever appearance at Gama Trade Show, Gordon will be there talking to as many retailers as possible about what's coming for Bushido. We have seen the game grow steadily over the years but this year we are making a concerted effort to get Bushido into more retail stores and more players' hands. In preparation for Gama we have carried out the following:

  • Listened to retailers needs and we will be moving to box our product instead. Reducing a store's Bushido footprint whilst increasing its visual appeal.
  • Created booster reinforcement boxes for all of our factions to reduce SKU lines for retailers.
  • Discussed a solution with our US distributor to ensure stock availability remains high.
  • Worked tirelessly on the latest version of Bushido: Rising Sun and now with the players' support it is being honed and sharpened like a fine katana.
  • Developed a two player starter set, a perfect way for new players to immerse themselves in the game for the first time, including a mini campaign to introduce players to the rules and nuances of Bushido in a fun and engaging manner.
  • Crafting an ambitious marketing campaign to launch Rising Sun that is on a completely different scale to anything attempeted by GCT Studios before.

We now respectfully seek your support...

We count ourselves very lucky to have such a passionate and supportive fan base, you the players keep Bushido burning brightly and we ask you once again to roll up the sleeves of your kimonos and get stuck in. Down the years there have been plenty of players that have bemoaned the lack of support for Bushido in the US or the need for more opponents to play against, if this is you or even if you are getting on with the game just fine, then please:

  • Let your Friendly Local Gaming Store know we are coming to Gama, tell them to seek out Gordon on the Golden Distribution stand.
  • Tell them about the changes that are coming and help them to see how the game can work for them and their store as well as for you.
  • If they are interested in chatting further about the game or finding out more at Gama, pass on our Gordon's email address: gordon@gctstudios.com
  • Know someone that used to play? Let them know about Rising Sun, all of the other changes that are coming and help reinvigorate their desire to play.


The next Wave is ready, all of the models are now available to Pre-Order and will be shipped on the Week beginning the 18th of February.

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Will you be adding to one or more of your Warbands this Wave?


Completely unrelated to Bushido but have you seen this on Netflix yet, it's set in Korea and I think it's great! Think The Walking Dead meets Bushido. Can't help watching it and thinking about the Cult's shambling hordes, spoiler alert (they are a bit quicker in the show).