Here Comes The 2nd Wave!

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SELWG on Sunday!

Bushido will be attending SELWG on Sunday the 16th of October, come and see us and say hello. It will also be your first chance to beat the crowds and get the second wave a day before they go on general release. That's right those of you with eagle eyes will have spotted the release date for the second wave is next Monday - 17.10.11

Here is the next installment of the Elder Story -

Elder Story

Painting Competition

Again Duck21 remains the Bushido champion with a well painted and beautifully based Kitsune Your voucher will be emailed to you at the weekend)


Ryan Porter and Norman Palmer both win a faction prize for the Cult of Yurei and Savage Wave respectively. If you email or PM a member of GCT Studios with your forum usernames we will get your vouchers to you.

Thanks to all that entered.