How does she manage to Kairai that hammer?

Female Kairai - Cult of Yurei

This is the last of the concepts, it is another crawler for the Yurei. While the rest of the Jwar Isles deals with the rising tide of unrest and strange tidings the Yurei continue to animate the past. While disaster looms for the Jwar Isles, the Cult turn a blind eye, could they be the tipping point for mankind in the fight for dominance?

Wave 8 Video

Once again we are pleased to bring you a Hyabusa production, this little piece continues the story Wave 7's video started. Remember the Nian attacking the conch blower? Then find out what happens next -


Again to Hyabusa and all the Bushido fans that help spread the word in their own ways, introducing a friend, making a video, demoing at your local club... We salute you, you have our thanks!