Kitsune Time: double promo and a new painting tutorial


Kyuubi - Temple of Ro-Kan

Unlike the female Kitsune the males of this mysterious and seclusive yokai race cannot shapeshift and instead keep the form of an anthropomorphic fox. Kyuubi is a skilled warrior and hunter of those his people feel are to blame for the current imbalance in Jwar. He serves a swift and decisive punishment to those Shisai and Shugenja abusing the spirits for their own ends. Waiting silently in the cover of the foliage before striking like a vengeful spirit against the enemies of the Temple. 


Yama Uba - Cult of Yurei

The Yama Uba is demon from an age long forgotten, the centre of many a cautionary tale, a true horror and thing of nightmare. This shape shifting fiend is a terrifying foe, able to steal the abilities and form of any it touches, many a victim had no idea of their fate until the clicking and slicing sounds, of barbed claws piercing their soft flesh, reached their ears. Even when its true form is revealed the yokai of deceit and deception can vanish at will, a ghost in the dark, before emerging moments later to strike with deadly precision and speed. 

Painting Tutorial

Our studio painter Seb from Dark Iron Studio has kindly produced a tutorial on how to paint the 'scary glowing eyes' he achieved on the recently released Sloth model. 


If you want to know how he achieves this effect then follow the link HERE.

There are more to come from Seb but we also have a growing list of tutorials here on the site, for the full list hover over the Bushido tab at the top and then see the tutorials section.