Kyou and his companion


Kyou - Ito Clan

Whilst the female Shisai perform rituals and tend to Orochi's shrines, the male initiates are the martial arm of the faithful. Instead of blessings of transformation and the ability to channel the Will of Orochi; he has been gifted a serpent companion. Even if Kyou finds himself debilitated his escort fights on unaffected. He also empowers other Shisai around him increasing their commitment to the cause. 


Bushido Terrain by 4Ground

To start off we have three products: A twin pack of rural hovels, a larger dwelling and a cart pack. 4Ground have done an excellent job and these truly add to the gaming experience and help bring the Jwar Isles to life. One of my favourite features is the sliding shoji door in the large house.

All three products are available now HERE.

See the items as displayed at Salute HERE.


Bushido Tokens

We announced on FB recently that we will be releasing a set of tokens for Bushido. We have started manufacturing them and as soon as we have some images to share of the product we'll get them up. The tokens will be double sided punched card tokens, one pack will provide everything a player needs to manage a game of Bushido and they will be offered at an incredibly reasonable price.

Watch this space!

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