Let's get Wave 16 started shall we...

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Well, Wave 15 pre-orders should be landing on doorsteps around the world right now, just in time for xmas, it was a great Wave including the well anticipated Silvermoon faction dice. As you have come to expect though, here at GCT Studios we don't like to hang around and so here are the first two concepts of Bushido's Wave 16...


Hitoshi - The Ito Clan

A seasoned veteran of many conflicts and a loyal servant of the Ito clan. On the battlefield Hitoshi skilfully wields the sasumata to immobilise his enemies, pinning them to the spot after knocking them from their feet with a deft spin of his pole arm, enabling his comrades to close and finish them with little difficulty. Although the Ito clan were laughed at by other clans for their development and implementation of the sasumata, now in open war many are made to reconsider their opinions as the effectiveness of this unusual weapon cannot be denied. 


Zo - Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

Exactly how old Zo is remains unknown as it seems he has been in service to the Gumis of the Silvermoon for decades. If the years have taken their toll on his body they have certainly not affected his cunning mind and his famed intellect. Nothing gets past the owl like eyes surveying every situation from behind his rimmed glasses, weighing up the myriad options available. There is nothing that seems to faze this esteemed Saiko-Komon as he quietly manages the ebb and flow of battle, emitting an aura of influence that seems to sap the spark and energy from enemies whilst reinvigorating friends to turn the tide in favour of the Silvermoon. Many Oyabun have felt all the more confident that the odds favour them with Zo by their side.     

Facebook Fun

Over on Facebook we got enough likes, shares and comments to reveal our second piece of concept art, this time Jon Thorvaldson's choice of the Ito Clan's model (He also wins a copy on its release).