Let's get Wave 29 off to a flyer!


Giant Eagle - Tengu Descension

The Koroko tell stories to the young hatchlings about the circle of life and of how all is connected, sharing the eternal truth that nothing truly dies but is born again as something else. They say that the great giant eagles that patrol the Ro-Kan, these feathered sentinels ever watchful for the slightest threat, are the reincarnation of great Tengu warriors now watching over the mountain in a different form. Their talons sharp as the strongest steel, appearing from nowhere and disappearing just as fast. No enemy can tell from where these feathered angels will strike next.    


Golden Kami Tournament

It looks like the guys had great fun and we hope they can run it again next year. It would be great to get a team of players from England across to give them a bit of international competition. But we will be seeing some of them come across for the Grand Masters at the Birmingham games expo which will be brilliant. Congratulations to the winner Magnus and if you want to read more or see more pics of the day check it out HERE.

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