Merry Xmas from GCT Studios


We want to thank you to all for helping us have a fun and successful year. This year has seen Bushido grow and at times we've struggled to cope with the increase in direct sales, we are making sure we have this sorted going in to 2017. We released a rules revision for Rise of the Kage now accompanied by rules explanation and game playthrough videos has made the game much more accesible. This has left us with a handful of games left from the first print run and it looks to sell out soon. The community has once again allowed us to fulfil our dreams by helping us to successfully fund our third game The Pioneers Program and this is being manufactured and is on track to ship on time in 2017.

We wish you happiness, joy and a lot of gaming over the festive period. A merry Xmas and a happy New Year to all.


Convocation of Eagles

The eagles are the eyes and ears of the Tengu, creating a potent early warning system should the enemy be foolish enough to climb into the snowy peaks of the Rokan. With beaks as sharp as steel and attacking with practised co-ordination, gouging and clawing down on the intruders, striking at weaknesses in the armour and exposed flesh. 

GCT Studios at Shows in 2017

Adepticon – Chicago USA – 23rd – 26th March

Salute – London UK - 22nd April

UK Games Expo – Birmingham UK - 2nd -4th June

Gencon – Indianapolis USA - 17-20 August

Spiele – Essen Germany - 26-29th October

If there are any shows local to you that you think we should attend or would like to demo one of our games at be sure to get in touch. Equally, if you would like to take part on our booth at the shows we are attending, we are seeking volunteers to support us so use the contact tab to let us know you're interested. We have limited spots at most shows and first option will go to existing Retainers but if you're interested we'll see what we can do.