Moar Kairai!



Cult of Yurei - Kairai

The secret and powerful art of soul trapping was thought lost for generations until Kato was judged worthy to know its dark secret. Yurei’s cruel mockery of the living, their anguished masks taunt the living for his amusement their fear adding fuel to his dark fire. They are puppets to their dark masters will. 

This blister contains the parts to create the “B” Kairai model for the Kairai Villager, Kusatta Kairai, Kairai Farmer or Kairai Militia profiles. 

Moar Videos!

For a long time people have been asking for more videos of Bushido and a new player has recently joined us that is planning on doing just that. You can follow his new series on Bushido on youtube and the first intro video can be found HERE.


Grand Master 2016 will again be held at the UK GAMES EXPO in Birmingham. This will be an opportunity to compete against 23 others in an attempt to be crowned Bushido Grand Master. There are plenty of reasons to come along and compete, the Expo has grown into a fine show over the years and is quite an event. We also have a host of prizes to give away:

Winner: The Grand Master gets to Design a Model!

1st - 3rd: Tournament coins

All players that participate: £20 voucher for GCT Studios products (redeemable at our stall during the show only)

Random: We will be giving out spot prizes throughout the day, so watch for Toby's eagle eye.

Book a Seat (Only 7 left!!!)

Ticket spaces are limited to 24 so be sure to get yours as soon as you can to guarantee your place.

Prize spotlight

Design a Model

This is one lucky winner's chance to see their ideas become part of the game, we will listen to your ideas and help you form a character concept that fits into the world of the Jwar Isles. We will then work with our artists to realise your ideas first into a piece of concept art, on to the sculpt and then eventually it will be released as a full release avaialble to Bushido players around the world! (GCT Studios Ltd. retains the right to have the final decision on aspects of the model) 

This is the effort of previous Grand Master, Jason Enos:


Tournament coins

These solid metal tournament coins feel great and weighty in the hand. They are a great way to commemorate your performance at the tournament.

Moar Jung on TTGN!

We sent across an exclusive first look at the sculpt for an iconic new model for the Jung Pirates. You can check it out HERE.