Monstrous Update!

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Firstly a truly bumber week for you!!! A really top draw paint job by Luke Wilson this week - Araka, the Slave of Yurei. We loved the sculpt and are very pleased with the way Luke has made it his own. We also bring you a sculpting article by Olivier Nkweti to provide an insight into the process of transforming a piece of concept art into the flesh (rotting as it may be in the case of Araka). The next part of Wu-Zang's story is also available for your reading pleasure. We also have our painting competiton winners visit our facebook page to vote for the ultimate champion (dont forget to like us to ensure you get our updates).

Sculpting Article

Here it is, a great article on sculpting by Olivier Nkweti - Click here

Wu-Zang story

To read the second part of the Elder story  - Click here

Painting competition

Here is the first of the four faction winners -

Duck 21's Kitsune


Click here to see the rest on Facebook (they will be uploaded and ready to vote on Wednesday evening).