Moyasu & Miyakoma Korra


Jung are having a great time right now, with the recent release of Ryujin getting into player’s hands and Hitokuchi on the horizon, we also have a second Sea Witch and the cursed yokai Moyasu.

Korra has some amazing art and the sculpt is the personal favourite of GCT’s Gordon. You can see why, just look at her!

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While this is what brings most of you to play these models let’s look at her on the table too. Cleansing is the thematic “Spell” for Sea Witches, like Icy Veins for Ice Witches or Blood of Orochi for Ito’s Shisai, you’ll likely see this on all of them. Having multiple options with this spell isn’t great all in the same list as it is a niche spell you only need to cast every so often. Jung players will be happy to note then that they pay almost no Rice for this feat, it's basically added to the profile for free!

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She’s clearly not a melee model, the Sidestep may help her on occasion but the Drag and Forceback on her Melee and Ranged represent the tides pushing both models along. Her ranged is excellent. With high Ranged Pool and the array of choices she has, there is always a good option for her activation. Her Sweep Attack may cost 2 dice, but her ability to boost means you can use this when needed. Fog of Hesitation is a control feat allowing the jung to dictate the flow of a turn, it takes some tries to get used to it but once you do, your opponents will learn to hate this feat. Use it to allow you to gang up on an enemy, prevent scenario scoring or just to play with your opponents mind by using it on a non-essential enemy model, in any case it has a noticeable impact on the game.
Finally.  Sharks.  Blood in the Water. This is so obvious, just read Araka and then Blood in the Water and be happy at his, frankly silly, low Rice cost!

And then there’s this one!

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Fishermen tell tales of a Yokai that has been caught in their nets and set fire to their entire boat before anyone could do anything to prevent it. They say she does not mean to injure the fishermen, but it's always wise to check your nets before hauling them onboard. 
Moyasu angered some great being who cursed her to ever burn alive feeling the pain but not dying. Each time she succumbed to the flames and fell, consumed by the magical fire, she would rise again to her punishment. We don’t know who she angered or what she was accused of but she roamed the land for some time in eternal agony, and also causing crops, homes and forests to catch fire. This caused most to drive her away for fear of their own dwellings and food stores.

She eventually came to the sea, and while no water had been able to extinguish the flames before one of the great sea Kami offered her respite under the waves. As with all who take the Kami’s gifts she was changed and now has some characteristics of the octopus, she can breathe and communicate under water and as long as she is submerged in the sea, the fires are quenched. Any part of her that leaves the ocean immediately bursts into flame, so naturally she stays in the deepest parts of the ocean, happy with her new life. The Miyakomo witches however have found a way to bring her forth.  Whether this is a bargain with her or some rite that compels her, outsiders can only guess but fire is the most dangerous weapon at sea and Moyasu is a living weapon.

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Obviously she would make some commotion on the Ryu dockside so Minato players will have to leave her to the open ocean but she’s a good option for most of the lists she does go in. Fire is something the Jung both love and hate, it's too dangerous a weapon to employ regularly but it is the best weapon against enemy wooden ships. Sake Bottles really help here. As a geometer, I am aware that Indomitable (8) is more than she can ever use (So far…) but I don’t mind that in favour of the thematics. Moyasu’s actual melee pool is low, but she has an array of abilities to use once she’s there. Most of these include setting people on fire! Jung players will be used to maximising average looking profiles with many buffs and debuffs first so I expect they will find it easy to get use from this model. Note however she is not immune to her fire, so she will kill herself eventually. A well timed Cleansing Ki Feat from a Miyakomo model will help here or even have a cheaper model use an action to remove some Fire Markers from her.

This model is a lot of fun and looks great, especially as a stand out model, so different from the rest of a Jung list. I want people to find their own combos and synergies so I won’t say too much more.

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Moyasu and Korra are available to Pre Order NOW.

They should be in stores in March.