New bushido models, opportunities to play test a new game, tournaments and more

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Yuuki - Temple of Ro-Kan

Yuuki quickly found the name of the wind, where others hear only whistle and whisper. Yuuki delights in the chatter of excited and boundless Kami. She is an able warrior and much like her element; rarely still, in play she is light and airy like a summer breeze but when called upon in battle she is a direct and relentless howling gale. Her vitality is endless and her speed astounding, her body a blur of motion as she unleashes blow after blow, an unstoppable storm of Rokan’s fury personified. 



Takashi Retainer - Prefecture of Ryu

Samurai culture has both military and feudal culture. Everyone fits into the social pyramid. Where a leader had his trusted supporters under his command, they in turn had their own respective supporters under their command, and so on and so on. The Takashi retainers are all capable warriors in the service of a Takashi Samurai of a higher rank, willing to lay down their lives in service. A high ranking lord will always have at least a hand full of retainers watching and guarding them at all times, constantly scanning a crowd or appraising a seemingly harmless peasant seeking council. 


Play Testing

We are looking for people interested in getting their hands on a new post apocalyptic card game we have been developing. The PnP file will be made available to a select few in order to gain feedback, iron out any kinks and make the game even better. The game is for 3-6 players and plays out in around 40-60 minutes. If you're interested please email


Print Friendly Errata

As the name suggests as requested a print friendly version of the most recent errata is now available.


Royal British Legion Charity Tournament, 12th March 2016

Event Details

Tickets will be £9 in advance, including the PayPal transaction fee. Small savings are available on multi-buy. Buy tickets from this page:

All profits go to the Royal British Legion Portsmouth South charity.

Facebook Event:


4 games at 42 rice. Standard Tournament Pack.
There will be Silvermoons for all!

If you want to claim the south coast or have any questions ask HERE in our forums.

Golden Kami 2, 25th March 2016

Into its second year Golden Kami is made all the more interesting as the organisers came to the Birmingham Grandmasters last year, this year they challenge players to visit Sweden, here's more from the organiser...

At Easter next year there will be a Bushido tournament at Gothcon, Swedens largest gaming convention. Right now we dont have more information than that it will be on the 25 of March 2016. But as we get closer the information will be found here: Earlier this year when some of Swedes were at the Grandmasters in Birmingham, some of the GCT boys showed some interest in coming over and participate in a Bushido tournament. This is IT, this will surely be the best Bushido event in Sweden! The gauntlet has been thrown! ;)

Will you be taking up that gauntlet?

If you have any questions about Golden Kami 2 ask HERE in our forums.

Jwardiff 2016, 10th April 2016

It's back and sounds like a great reason to get across to Cardiff, not only will the Bushido tournament be in full swing on the Sunday but there will be a whole lot more going on as well for 3 days of multi gaming fun. Find out more about everything happening at Firestorn games for Daffcon HERE.

If you have any questions about Jwardiff 2016 ask HERE in our forums.