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Minato Jung - The Jung Pirates

Although trained in the ways of the Samurai, Minato was always destined to follow his own unique path. A brute of a man, more at home in a water house than the courts. His body tells the stories of countless battles, wearing each scar proudly as a mark of honour in his physical prowess. That is not to say that he is all brawn, a cunning and clever leader, hiding from the Prefecture in plain sight. In battle he wields his trade mark anchor, launching it through the air making it appear as light as a Tengu feather. Those unlucky enough to be caught by his attentions sent sprawling, dazed and disorientated.



The Pioneers Program is moving ever closer towards it's Kickstarter launch, we believe the kickstarter and the game has three main selling points:

1. The game is fast, fun and easy to learn.

2. The Kickstarter represents incredible value and will be offered at an unmissable price.

3. The extensive artwork by 'The Mico' is awesome and really brings the game to life.

We would now like to invite anyone that is interested to have a look at the rules or if you want you can download the print and play and give the game a go.

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Trials of the Michi

Some really dynamic ideas from Chris involving visits to stores, clubs etc. in the latest update. Check it out HERE.

Bushido Summer Tournament

Just a shout out for this tournament, it is almost full, one more player and it will be sold out. Who's going to fill that last seat?

Find out more HERE.