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The Pre-Orders have been a huge success and it seems that Bushido is going to go to a whole new level with the release of Risen Sun. Along with a whole host of new players, new retailers have come on board as well as a new distributor! Sales have hit unprecedented levels for us, in orders of magnitude, and this has left us working like crazy to get everything ready to go tomorrow. We've done what we can but because of the scale of the orders we're going to have to ship in batches. We hope to have all retail orders out in the post over the next week. There is unfortunately also going to be a delay to orders that include the Tengu Replacement Decks. A card had an error that sneaked its way through the proofing process and had to be reordered. Orders that include the Tengu Replacement Deck will be shipped out as soon as the replacement card arrives, which will probably see it tag on to the last batches of the Pre-Orders if not a day or two after. We realise this is frustrating as you'll want it ASAP, but we're sure everyone will prefer the correct card.

Thank you all for your continued support,

Odin & Gordon

GCT Studios