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Plague Rats - The Cult of Yurei

Man is not the only mortal open to the corruption and seduction of Yurei’s promises. Those that lie in the filth and dirt are easily swayed to its charms. The Plague Rats are a perfect tool in the unfathomable plan of shapeless evil, spreading disease and death through the population like wild fire, lurking in the shadows ready to pounce on the weak or vulnerable. 


Sho - The Jung Pirates

From the Jwar to the Golden Sands across the Barren Sea, no more able a deckhand can be found. His body a net of tight knotted muscle, his mind a map of the sea. 

The Lost Patrol

A new piece of fiction from the Jwar Isles for your reading pleasure HERE.


Over on Kickstarter we're on 70% with 13 days left, we're hoping for a big push and would love you to join us. Since we launched we've had a few changes including:

- Shipping now available to Australia

- Kickstarter exclusive cards

- 2 player option with a proxy player

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