Tengu Descension


Kyuubi - Temple of Ro-Kan

Unlike the female Kitsune the males of this mysterious and seclusive yokai race cannot shapeshift and instead keep the form of an anthropomorphic fox. Kyuubi is a skilled warrior and hunter of those his people feel are to blame for the current imbalance in Jwar. He serves a swift and decisive punishment to those Shisai and Shugenja abusing the spirits for their own ends. Waiting silently in the cover of the foliage before striking like a vengeful spirit against the enemies of the Temple. 

Bushido 2015 Grand Masters Tournament

Event tickets are available now, tournament tickets, according to the UKGE Facebook page, will go on sale on Monday. Be sure to secure your ticket early to avoid missing out as seats are at a premium.

See you all in Birmingham.

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Bushido Best of the Web

What a talent we have for you this week, over on this blog some amazing Bushido terrain pieces have been happening, the lit pagodas blow my mind...

What's more there are some step by step tutorials happening, take a look HERE

As always with Bushido's best of the web the owner of these pictures wins a £10 Bushido voucher but if you find something out there on the world wide web let us know and if it goes up you'll get a £5 Bushido voucher too.

Worth Waiting For!!

We pride ourselves on offering our gamers a release every two months and sad events outside of our control prevented this briefly. Now though we are back in a good place with our reliable service resumed. As way of a thank you to you all for your patience during this period we have brought forward news on our next faction...

Tengu Descension


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