Restock, sale, discord channel and more!



Great news first, not only has our restock landed but on the 29th-31st we'll be having a storewide sale for the Expo we would have been at. Bad news is our restock has landed and is already flying out the door (ok, this is admittedly good news for us). We are doing everything we can to maintain stock levels but with an incredible reception to the French version of Bushido: Risen Sun and the current global situation having an impact in a myriad of ways, it's not proving to be an easy task.


For the overwhelmingly vast majority of our customer's orders delivery is a smooth and efficient experience, however the pandemic has created many oddities and inexplainable situations, at least from the outside looking in. Many customers have received their more recent orders before older overdue items have arrived. The positive is that nearly everything is getting through, it is just that they are, in some cases, taking much longer. We know that many of our fans appreciate the effort we have made to ensure we can keep going and despatching orders in these difficult times and we thank you for your continued patience with shipping times. We are going to ask you for some extra tolerance though, from now on whilst conditions persist we will not be able to consider an order lost until 60 days from shipping. If this is unacceptable to you then please consider waiting to place an order until normal operating conditions return. 

 Bushido Discord channel


Join us on Discord, there's a thriving community growing over there, discussing all things Bushido. There are also dedicated channels to organise games of Bushido on Tabletop Simulator and some games have even had virtual spectators!


May Terrain Competition and a new Grand Prize!

There are already some fantastic submissions for May's competition, see below for more info om how and why to take part:

Massive news! Jason, Bushido's lead designer has kindly had the idea and offered to work with the overall winner of the terrain competitions to create a Terrain card for the next Cycle Deck. We think this is a fantastic prize and hope this brings added motivation.

May's competition is the Sun Goddess Shrine from the Risen Sun Cycle Deck:


Overall winner will be decided by GCT Studios and the decision will be final, entrants don't have to enter all of the terrain competitions. One fantastic effort could snatch the prize but consideration will be taken for the effort of multiple competition entries.

Submit Entries in the forum HERE