Risen Sun Pre-Order


Pre-Order now for the launch on July 1st

As many of you will be aware we have been working on improving Bushido. We have worked tirelessly to refine and clean the Bushido rules and this undoubtedly couldn't have been done without you the players and your support. The work has culminated in the Risen Sun rules book. This will be free to download at release, as well as for purchase here for £18 (Around $23.4).

For existing players this is an exciting time when changes are in order across all factions. For new players the chance to start the game with a brand new specifically designed faction box or the new 2-player starter set. It’s been 6 years since the release of Bushido: New Dawn and the new edition Bushido: Risen Sun is eagerly awaited by the players.

·      Unifying mechanics: Now just 2 types “Challenge Tests” and “Opposed Tests”

·      6s no longer count double: smooths out to stop dice spikes

·      Removed unused traits

·      Revised LoS and cover rules

·      Profiles re-examined

·      Factions re-examined: Better definition of faction strengths/weaknesses

·      Factions are more defined and different to each other

·      (Fun) Crabs gain sidestep, Owls gain 360 vision

·      New, clearer cards

·      Playtested for a year and then public test for 4 months to ensure balance

Card Replacement Decks


At launch of the rules we will have Card Replacement Decks available to purchase here for £12.95 (Around $16.8) each. These decks contain a copy of all the Profile and Special cards available for their respective faction at the release of Risen Sun.

PRE-ORDER SPECIAL OFFER (Exclusive Free model!)


Hiroto, Drunken Master (Exclusive to Risen Sun Pre-Orders*)

Every order that contains a copy of the Risen Sun Rulebook and a Risen Sun Replacement Deck will receive a FREE copy of Hiroto, Drunken Master pictured above. If you are ordering multiple Rulebooks and Replacement Decks we'll add 1 copy of Hiroto for each pair, for example if you have 3 Rulebooks and 5 Replacement Decks we'll add 3 free copies of Hiroto, Drunken Master. Please do not add additional copies of Hiroto, Drunken Master to your order unless you want to purchase extra copies. If that is the case you can purchase Hiroto here.


Image  Image

Eldest Brother

Will also be available to purchase during the Pre-Order stage here.

To read more about Hiroto and Eldest Brother click here.


Hiroto, Drunken Master and Eldest Brother will only have guaranteed availabilty for Pre-Orders. The Pre-Order period will be until July 1st.

After that remaining stock of the models will be sold in our webstore until the end of Gen Con 2019 on August 4th. Following the 4th of August any remaining stock will only be available from GCT Studios at shows.

Two-Player Starter Set

Offering a fantastic way to access the game, it contains 6 models (3 Prefecture of Ryu and 3 Ito Clan), a token set and a full colour copy of the rules at A5 size. You can purchase your set here.



Starter Sets

We have reworked the starter sets and boxed them. The first 5 Faction Starter Sets to be released are:
Ito Clan, Prefecture of Ryu, Jung Pirates, Savage Wave and the Minimoto Clan. Order your sets here.