Rounding out Wave 23


Rakki - Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

Of the Five Fortunes the Rakki is the embodiment of Luck. They favour those that take fate into their own hands, gifting or cursing those as they see fit. The jolly laughing Rakki are unsurprisingly found in proximity to the luck houses of Jima, chuckling away as fortunes are won or lost on the roll of a dice. The Silvermoon can only benefit now that these unusual Kami have chosen to favour them with their talents.   

Wave 23 Release info

Our casting company are still ironing out production issues which has impacted on the release of Wave 23, we will have them up for Pre-Order in the next week or so and will confirm a release date at the same time. Thanks for your patience in this matter.

 Best of the Web

This was brought to our attention by Ret-Polarbear a lovely piece of work with the Temple of Ro-Kan's Master Ekusa as its focal point. If you know the artist let them know that they have featured in Bushido's Best of the Web and can drop us a line to pick up their £10 Bushido voucher. What's more PolarBear picks up a £5 voucher for sending us in the right direction.

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