New Player Bundle deals!


Hey Guys,

As you all know Saturday would have been Salute. Salute is a massive date on our calender and normally gives us a good opportunity to connect with players from the UK and Europe and of course encourage new players.

Now is the time to gently (or not so gently) persuade your gaming buddies to get into Bushido as we will be running some Bundle deals over the weekend equating to 20% off RRP when used with the voucher code: SALUTE2020. These deals will be 100 rice Warbands expanded from the starter sets.

The voucher will be valid for all products across the webstore so if you are an existing player now is the time to grab those extra models you've been eyeing up or even start a new faction.

As well as the Starter bundles we also have two different 100 rice lists to recreate the unrest in the Takashi family and two different 100 rice list for the Shadow wind Clan.

Similar to our Adepticon Show specials we have what stocks were left of the Yuta available again for the duration of Salute as well as these two guys, get them this weekend or wait for them to go on general release.


Use code: Salute2020 (valid on all orders over £35)


Check out Andy and Ben talking all things Bushido with Box to Board HEREThey have also got a battle report up as well HERE.


Inspired by some great work being shared over in the Bushido Fans Page on Facebook, we are launching a competition to hopefully encourage more Savage Wave players to get their build on. Get them shared here or even a link so we can all check out what you've been doing and admire them. We also have some prizes to give out at the end of April. We'll pick a new terrain piece each month during Lockdown (Credit for this ongoing idea goes to Richard Fairbrass smiley).