Salute April 20th 2013

Salute is almost upon us!

It will be two weeks on Saturday and we cant wait. As last year's board giveaway was an absolute success, we are going to do it again, check out these luscious paddy fields, bamboo groves and fishermens Jetty, a typical scene across the Jwar Isles. Every single Bushido product purchased at the show from our stall will gain you a raffle ticket for our draw at 3.00pm.

The more products bought = more chances to win, so be sure to come and see us early on, stock up on your Bushido goodies and get back at 3.00pm.

As if a beautiful and lovingly hand crafted board isn't enough, during the draw we will also be dishing out a surpise Prize or two! 

We will also be running demos on the day led by our Retainer - Sam and his team and they are eager to teach people the strategical nuances of the game. As well as the draw and demos we will have an updated art folder with some exciting new concepts and also some unseen sculpts!

Be sure to come along and say hi, all in all, it's going to be great. smiley