The Scenario Objectives are back!


Scenario objectives are an important part of experiencing Bushido. And we are delighted to welcome them back to the store! This is not just a re-run of the old objective packs however but rather a relaunch under a line of accessories that we intend to grow over the coming months.
As well as being available individually, the Scenario Accessory Pack 1 provides you with everything you need to play the Bushido scenarios presented in the Bushido Risen Sun rulebook:

• 6x stone lanterns for the circle of Keii
• 3x small altars to paint your Idols carvings on
• 3x 4-inch zones to claim for your side in Seikyu

The Scenario Accessory Pack 2 expands on the above and will allow you to play the additional scenarios presented in the Bushido Risen Sun Tournament Rules (Available in July):

• 2x large objectives for scenario variants
• 3x alternative objectives for center scenarios
• 2x 8-inch zones to fight over

In combination, those packs are everything you require to pit your Warband against the competition no matter the battlefield!

But this is not all. The objectives have been redesigned as inserts to be used alongside the new GCT receptacles (included in the Scenario Packs). Those receptacles allow you to magnetise the objectives for easy and safe transport. They can also serve as replacements for the plastic bases that come with the Bushido miniatures.

The entire range is produced using a high-quality resin as a 'snap-in-place' system that does not require gluing them down (although this is recommended) and we'll have a short guide available for you by the time those products ship.

The new packs are available now for pre-order and will start shipping the week commencing 13 July.

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