She's behind you!

This is a very exciting week - including the winners of our painting competition, the Studio paint job of Bikou; our dangerous little ninja and the concluding part of the short story 'The Impetuousness of Youth'. Finally the announcement you've all been waiting for... Click 'read more' to find it.


Bikou Studio Paint Job (See Above)

Temple Story

'The Impetuousness of Youth pt.2'

Painting Competition

A huge thankyou to everyone that took part in our competition. We were delighted with the standard of entry as well as the enthusiasm of the entrants.

Faction winners -

Corpsesmith's Ikiryo won him a brand new 'Nezumi model complete with three additional rat swarms'

Daltwarn's Zuba won him the beastly 'Bobata'

AdvanceOp's Jin won him our very first ninja 'Bikou'

Duck21's Ekusa won him a copy of the 'Kitsune model complete with her fox form'

Overall Winner

A runaway winner in our Facebook poll, an absolutely beautiful paint job and a worthy winner...



Duck21's Master Ekusa. Duck21 wins a Kitsune model and another starter set of his choice, also from this day forth (until our next competition) may all in the Jwar Isles bow down before the painting prowess of Duck21.


Yes, finally the news you've been waiting for, without further ado -

Bushido's 1st wave will be released on Friday the 12th of August 2011.