The good news is that we have worked really hard to ensure all shipments are up to date following Gen Con, up to the 9th of August. The bad is that those processing the orders need a break and we wont be able to fulfill subsequent orders until Monday 19th. We realise this is inconvenient but a holiday was both well needed and deserved after the fantastic number of orders we have received following the release of Risen Sun. We are up to date on orders received up to the 9th and we have restocked the webstore and hope many can see the current window as a mini chance to order all the minis that have been out of stock for awhile with a little delayed period on shipping.

Proofing Prizes

1st Prize - Marc Groten

2nd Prize - Andy Palmer

3rd Prize - Luke Hedrick

Thanks to everyone that helped iron out as many issues as possible, please contact us via the website or Facebook and we'll sort out your prize.