The Takashi line grows stronger...

Takashi Katsumoto - Prefecture of Ryu

Sensei at the Koryu school in Ryu, Katsumoto has for many years passed his exceptional tactical skills on to the sons of the Takashi clan. It is recognised that much of the military success in the Dragon wars was down to Katsumoto’s cunning. Katsumoto spent much of his formative years in the lands of the West, studying in the further flung schools, tirelessly researching the local teachings of warfare, always hungry for knowledge. On the battlefield Katsumoto is the personification of calm, every move is considered, every order weighed. Those who have faced the old warhorse know that there is never an easy victory when Katsumoto Takashi is your opponent.

With under a month until Wave 14 is released you can expect a flurry of promos in the coming weeks, also look out for a brand new scenario!

Also for those of you that haven't heard we are going to be holding our first GCT managed tournament at Smogcon 2014, you can find out more about Smogcon HERE

Needless to say we want this to be a great Bushido tournament and as a grand prize we are offering the winner the opportunity to work with GCT Studios to design a model!!!