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The Tengu Descension are readying themselves to swoop into battlefields across the Jwar Isles. This beautifully crafted faction comes ready to fight with a starter set, dice, a special card pack and no less than five additional models to bolster the ranks from the start. Get yours ordered now to avoid missing out, the Tengu Descension will be released on Friday the 7th of August.



Buzenbo - Tengu Descension

The rarest and largest of the Tengu, the Kurama are the leaders of the Tengu people. Buzenbo like all of his caste is a formidable warrior with both sword and bow. Standing ten foot tall and with a wing span three times that, the Kurama are a majestic sight on the battlefield. Soaring down and scattering the enemy with a thunderous beat of muscled wing before unleashing volley after volley of steel tipped arrows the length of a man. Even the bravest will tremble at the screech heard shortly before the shadow of Fujin’s wrath falls upon them.