Wave 19 double whammy

Last week we got Wave 19 underway with the wonderfully dynamic Takashi Akio. Here are two more crackers:


Ashinaga Tenaga - Temple of Ro-Kan

Ashinaga Tenagis are usually sited in streams or rivers and it seems that they have a deep connection with the water, able to commune with the water around them to turn the land into a sea of mud. These yokai, long a legend amongst the peasants of the Ro-Kan, exact motivations for joining the fray are unknown but they are a welcome boost to the morale of the villagers they appear to protect, their presence imbuing a sense of belief in the common people enabling them to fight harder in defence of the balance of Jwar. To look at them individually one would think that they lack any combat skill, but once combined, one astride the other, the pair are a tricky opponent. With a snaring net in one hand which they use to either entangle an enemy up close or from afar, in the other a diamond sharp fishing spear handled with great precision.


Satsuki - Ito Clan

The strength of sisterhood found in the Shisai of Orochi is not like the standard bonds found in faith. The Shisai of Orochi are spiritually and mentally stronger in the presence of their sisters. Few in the Jwar Isles can challenge the will of two let alone three of these fervent believers in Orochi’s power. Satsuki like the other Shisai lets Orochi’s will flow through her, becoming a channel with which Orochi can strike down its enemies. Those who stand against the Ito shisai fall crumpled to ground, wracked in agony as Orochi’s poison destroys their bodies from the inside, Satsuki’s presence accelerating the process to terrifying speeds, leaving only the faithful to walk in Orochi’s lands.  


Cardiff, Wales - Jwardiff 2014 - Saturday 21st June - This annual tournament run by Greeny and Ret-Rudders is a great day out, with promises of flowing silvermoons and the outside chance of cake, what are you waiting for get signed up, check out the link for MORE INFO

Sittingbourne, SE England - Broadside Wargames Show - Saturday 7th July - Two of our Retainers Ret-Ridmasta and Ret-Balldman will be demoing Bushido pop along to get a run through the basics or challenge a pro, check out the link for MORE INFO

Perth, Western Australia - Iron Dragon 3 - Sunday 10th August - Another annual tournament run by our Retainer Ret-AdvanceOp is back for its third incarnation and it's shaping up to be great, check out the link for MORE INFO

Gen Con, Indianopolis - Masters tournament - Saturday 16th August - A brilliant opportunity for players to test their skills against the best the US has to offer. There will be a ton of Silvermoons being handed out as well as a number of other prizes, check out the link for MORE INFO

Nottingham, England - Tournament - Sunday 17th August - Andyg will be running a tournament and from what we've heard he is a bit of an expert so why not get along and support his event, check out the link for MORE INFO

Gothenburg, Sweden - Tournament - Saturday 30th August - Ret-MattT will be running a 3 round, 50 rice tournament with Silvermoons up for grabs.


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