Wave 20 let the painting commence...


Master Akari - Temple of Ro-Kan

The legendary Master of the Temple’s slow and thoughtful nature with his students is the exact opposite when on the battlefield. The diminutive Tanuki is a cyclone of energy, flying between enemies in a flurry of blows, dashing from melee to melee. Nigh impossible to target at range the enemy must close in an attempt to deal with this furry thorn. The Temple do not exclude any who hold the needs of the many and protection of the realm above personal gain as their ideals, Master Akari & Kuma are perfect examples of this mentality.


Yugio - Cult of Yurei

Yugio, once a pious and faithful peasant serving the burial grounds of his hamlet. However this once loyal and honest man, like so many, has been corrupted. The long days spent on his own listening to ancestors began to turn his beliefs, vile and impure. Little did Yugio realise that voices he believed were his ancestors were those of Yurei. Now a broken and maddened shadow of his former self, another puppet, bent to the will of a dark and ruthless master, his former teachings twisted to benefit the Shugenja of the Cult. The Shoymo taught to him to protect the spirits and souls of his ancestors now turned against their peoples. 

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