Wave 21 starts... slowly

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Here are the finalists of the Savage Wave, which would you like to see make it into the next Special card pack? Vote above.

The votes are in for the Ito and in 1st place collecting half of the total votes is B. Muramasa's blade. You will all be able to use this fan made card in the next Special card pack.

Wave 21

You should all now have received your pre-ordered wave 20 models and so it's time to take a look at what is coming up in wave 21, starting with...


Souta and Sloth - Cult of Yurei

Of the orphans lost to the void Souta is the perfect example of the physical manifestation of the spirit squatting within him, twisting and corrupting its host. Some say the children were already on the path to destruction others that they are merely innocent victims, lost like so many in the battle between good and evil, life and death. Souta is the embodiment of Sloth even when the spirit is not invoked. The Sloth is as slow and inevitable a killer as the void from which it came, victims held helplessly in the grip of fear or some unseen tether, those brave enough to confront the horror find themselves enveloped by its nothingness.