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Rinsho - Savage Wave

Rinsho are prized within Bakemono society for their enormous strength matched only by their stupidity, making them perfect shock troops. These gangly Bakemono are blessed with vastly accelerated regenerative powers, able to regrow limbs and heal what would be mortal wounds as if minor graze. Their durability offers some staying power to the Bakemono battle lines, anchoring key points on the battle field, weathering the brunt of the enemy offense and enabling a swarming counter punch. Bringing down these giant Bakemono is no mean feat as injury only sends them spiralling into a furious whirlwind of violence. 


Honoka and Hakushi

If Sukuratchi’s training is based on the lash, then Honoka’s is led by reward. This beautiful shatei would have been a Rose but for her love of animals. She is instantly able to form a bond with even the most wild and ferocious of beasts, turning them to her will. Her pack would lay down their lives in an instant for their pack leader, tearing to shreds any whom Honoka command. Her favourite is without question the silent stalker Hakashi, never far from her side but seldom seen this majestic predator, a prime specimen of the Jwarian Leopard.    

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