What a weekend!


Wave 5 Pre-Orders

As the dust settles on Adepticon it's time for us at GCT Studios to take a breath and have a moment to reflect on a fantastic show and a great launch of the two player starter set and the new faction. The tournament was a huge success and many thanks to Greg Chyson for his effort and dedication to making a great experience for so many Bushido players. Here's the winning list for those of you that love this kind of thing:

1st Place (31 TP) Temple Ro-Kan/Ordered for Battle
Kaub No Rojin
Koji's Pack x1
Rope Trap x2
Moment of Enlightenment
Celebration of Life
Hiroto's New Plan
Rice Bail Barricade
Sun Goddess Shrine
Spiritual Harmony

The stand was picked clean of products and some lines sold out in the first couple of days! Thank you for all your support and we'll see you next year Chicago.

The Adepticon exclusives are no longer available but for those that missed out for whatever reason don't fear. They will be available on general release later this year. Wave 5 however are available now so check them out here:

Wave 5 Pre-Orders