Wave 6 Slinks onwards

Here is Tra-Peng, this little critter has risen rapidly to distinguish himself from the hordes of his peers, he will be joining the Savage Wave in June. What do you think?

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Essentially we are on our way to $20,000 at which point everyone backing $100 or more will receive either the Satoshi model OR (6) Ito faction dice FREE.

To make that $100 dollar backing easier for existing players you can now donate an extra $50 dollars and receive a £30 Bushido store voucher.

Thanks for your help guys, as I write we are about $3,500 away from another Freebie AND Additional model release... Thats only 35 new backers of the I-Two perk or 70 takers of the £30 voucher!

Got any questions about the campaign check our FAQ, feel free to ask away as well!

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GCT Studios will be attending the Bushido tournament at Firestorm Games Saturday 19th May, there are still places available, what are you waiting for the winner can proudly state they have wone every single Bushido tournament wink.

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Facebook Giveaway

YON SMALE you are this weeks winner of the £5 Bushido vouchers simply by liking our Facebook page. Come and collect your vouchers by posting your forum username on our facebook page.

Thanks to Paul and Owen for graciously hosting us at their store yesterday, a great set up they have over there, if you're in the area you should check it out! Well it was a good day out, great to meet some Bushido players and talk to an enthusiastic group down from Dice and Decks gaming club in Ross-on-Wye. Master T will need to seek vengeance at some point as Shamanu dealt out a whooping.