Wave 8 is almost upon us...

Slave - Savage Wave

It is unknown when the beasts of the wave started taking captives. These are no hostages though, they are put to work or put to the sword by their less than benign captors. The blood of the Oni sends the slaves into a rage on the battlefield, allowing them to achieve feats of strength they would not have dreamed of back in the fields.

WAVE 8 available 5/10/12


The Jwar Isles are in Turmoil!

War is everywhere...

Several moons ago the Savage Wave, an alliance of Oni and otherworldly creatures, launched a devastating attack on the the Prefecture of Ryu, far beyond what anyone thought capable of them. There is nothing new there, war is continuous, but this recent campaign has been particularly ferrocious and devastating, as though some evil force gives power to these vile creatures.
After great initial losses the Prefecture has managed to halt the advance of the Wave, but at great cost. They are overstretched, and others have taken this opportunity to fulfil their own agendas.

The sinister Cult of Yurei has fostered rebellion and sown the seeds of panic within the populous of Ryu. The Prefecture have called Martial Law in response to this, and are stretched on both fronts.

In the meantime, the monks of the Temple of Ro Kan have not been idle. They have discovered that an artifact or power of some kind has been fuelling the Savage Wave, and weakening the barrier between our own world and theirs. They have taken it upon themselves to find this force and destroy it. But first they have to discover what, in fact, it is. This means they will have to brave the wrath of the Prefecture as they search, despite the curfew imposed by the Samurai...

The times of Kimon, the Demon Gate are upon us...

So gentlemen, that is the starting premise of the Bushido Slow Grow campaign. It is designed to be friendly to people who have never played the game before now, so don't feel you can't join because you don't know how to play. We will be running demo games from now till the start date as well.

This is being held at the Cross Gaming club near London Bridge, if you're interested and want to know more have a look - HERE


There were a couple of 'false dawns' with the French translation efforts on the previous rule set. But this is 'New Dawn' and the rules are incredibly close, some final tweeks and checks are being applied and we hope to have them with you by the next update.