This week brings brute strength and cunning guile


Malosi - Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

In the Jumo ring there can only be one winner, Malosi is that winner. The champion of the Iron Fist gumi, Oda’s best student. A Buto as strong and fearsome as any other in memory, to look into his blank stare is enough to break the spirit of even the stoutest. Few words are muttered from this hulking monster, in combat he sounds more animal than human, growling and grunting whilst handing out savaging beatings with fist or skull crushing mace, smashing the armoured like beetles beneath an angry bull’s hoof.   




Atsushi and Shinobu - Prefecture of Ryu

The ronin of the Shiho remain a thorn in the Takashis' side. Without a fixed army the Takashi have found it almost impossible to hunt down and destroy the remaining rebels in the field, these cowed dogs hide in the woods and hills of the Dragon's lands. The solution has been somewhat answered in the excellent tracking and scouting skills of Atsushi, a former Satou family retainer now sworn to the Takashi. With his faithful hound Shinobu, rooting out those hiding in the dark, eager to savage any at the utterance of a single word from his master.

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Best of the Web

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