Whats new this week?

This week we have a couple of great items and some exciting announcements. Firstly after releasing the first part of his tale and the concept art, we are delighted to be able to show the fantastic job Olivier Nkweti did in bringing the concept to life. We are extremely pleased with the finished result and can't wait to show off the painted final version very soon.



and he doesnt come alone!!


Also this week, the studio thought we should reward all the players that have started painting their Bushido miniatures by having a little competition.

Painting Competition

 It is with great pleasure and excitement that GCT Studios announces its first Painting Competition. How do you enter you ask?

Well it’s simple, paint any miniature from the Bushido Starter Sets, then send up to two pictures of the fully painted and based figure to 'GCT Master T'. We will collect the images and post them up on our Facebook page. Then in the week starting July 25th we will announce the winners for each faction.

One model per faction per entrant.

All of our Facebook subscribers will then have the opportunity to vote on the overall competition winner.


Overall Winner – Starter Blister of the winner's choice

1st Prize in each Faction – Wave 1 blister based upon the faction entered in the competition.

For example the winner for the Cult of Yurei will receive a Nezumi blister.