Whenever death may surprise us, let it be welcome if our battle cry has reached even one receptive ear and another hand reaches out to take up our arms. Che Guevara


Junichi - Prefecture of Ryu

Here is Junichi, loyal ashigaru to the Takashi clan (Paint job to follow soon).

Short Story

The bird flew across the darkening sky, silhouetted against the moon, already fat and full and hung low. Looking down on the twinkling lights of the houses below, as it crosses the narrow mountain valley. It swoops down, alighting on the slender white branch of a tree half way up the mountain, soft powdery snow falls to the forest floor on its arrival. It sits preening its full breast readying itself for a nightly song whilst watching as the last of the curious people below scurry back from their fields.

Night comes on fast in the hamlets, at the base of the mountains, faster than ever before. Farmers can be seen rushing home trying to beat dusk. Their days have been spent trying their hardest at tilling the land during this, the cycle of the Stubborn Earth, the frozen ground rebuffing any attempt to work it. Hating to lose any available light but torn by the desire to be in before night’s shroud covers the paths and walkways home. The usual pleasantries shared between such close neighbours as they trudge back from an honest day’s work have been forgone in recent cycles, as each man no longer had the courage to look the next in the eye. One such man was harder to acknowledge than others; Goji, a humble man, who would never have been described as brave, if truth be known Goji would never have really needed to be described at all. Through the years he had toiled hard but no harder than anyone else in their attempts to provide what they could for their families.

When the first of the livestock had begun to go missing people blamed many different things, most blamed wolves venturing down from the hills, some claiming to have heard them at night. When too many were taken to attribute to wolves, Goji had been one of those that had advocated banding together to confront whatever was menacing them...

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Writing Challenge

Right then, as many of you will know we are pressing ahead with our rule book. We will be including a tactica for each faction and would like to offer you the chance to feature in it.

We need -

3-4 Paragraphs - general tactica for the faction, plus strengths and weaknesses.

2-3 Paragraphs - for key character and how they play, strengths, weaknesses and how they contribute to the faction x2.

Feel free to write for as many factions as your interested in.

Submitting any articles  to the thread will be considered agreement to the following -

• Your work may be published.

• You will be recognized in the credits if your work is used.

• GCT Studios may edit your work as it sees fit.

• You will not be paid (although there may be a prize or two for any that are used).