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Waku, Soul Collector - Cult of Yurei

The demon of legend, Waku, the collector of souls, has returned. His power is only matched by his cruelty. His life force sustained by draining and claiming the  lives of the living who appear on Jikoku’s list, an evil artefact that is said to be the source of his power suggesting that Waku is merely the avatar of an even greater threat. Conjecture aside this Yokai shugenja is without question a powerful weapon in Yurei’s arsenal. Broken followers of Yurei throw themselves in the path of kill strokes aimed at Waku in a mindless devotion to their dark master. With a point of a twisted finger and the muttering of a few ancient pernicious words Waku’s enemies burst into flames, wreathed in an eerie green glow as they crumple and die in agony. Waku simply vanishes in a dense fog searching for the next victim to complete their death sentence.

Painting competition

The voting has been open all week and we have a winner, well done to Matt Mckay whose paint job of Zuba takes first prize. Thanks for all your entries.

£50 to the winner - Matt Mckay

£20 to 2nd place - Josu Bermudez

£10 to 3rd-5th place - Hedley Coppock, Adam Wilcox and Bruno Colin

£10 to the luck of the Kami (one entrant picked at random) - Matthew Archard

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Facebook and Twitter

We really appreciate everyone that likes and helps share our news getting Bushido out to a wider audience. The following were people who are lucky enough to have been rewarded for doing so:

Facebook - Steven Futz (Won a copy of Hisao)

Twitter - Brian Seabolt (Won a copy of Hisao)

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