You did it... Now let's hit $20,000

We'll we did that quicker than I expected so lets see some of the in development artwork for Itsunagi, the model that everyone who signs up for the Ito starter set will now get FREE!

We also told you that at $15,000 we would release an additional model - Well we are and he's called Satoshi, take a look...

What about $20,000?

If we can all chip in and spread the word, we might just get there. If we do we will;

1. Release Ayako Ito (See below)

2. Everyone backing to a total of $100 or more will receive the Satoshi model FREE OR Ito Faction dice (6) FREE

That's becoming a gobsmacking deal - $100 dollars could now get you -

  • Ito Starter set.
  • Existing Starter set of your choice.
  • Existing mini of your choice.
  • Itsunagi model.
  • Satoshi model OR Ito faction dice.

Come and have a look -

Here is Ayako Ito...

Pretty beautiful concept we're sure you'll agree, don't forget to share away, all your help is appreciated.

Come and see us at Total Wargamer tomorrow, for fun and demo's.